“I went to Trish for help with an old injury from a minor shoulder dislocation. I had been doing Crossfit for nearly 4 years, but had hit a wall due to limited range of motion and weakness in my shoulder and the surrounding area. I had always struggled to do more than 20 push-ups without pain and major fatigue. After finishing my PT, I am able to do over 40 push ups with no pain, and continue to progress to my goal of 100 push ups.”-Luke Stiles
Crossfit enthusiast
“Trish made sure that I clearly understood my knee problem .  She videotaped me running from multiple angles and speeds, so I could actually see the faults in my running stride and form. This method made a great impact on me- It helped me think about and visualize my running technique during future runs. I also used Trish’s exercise plan to work on my imbalances on non-run days.  Thanks, Trish!”-Sarah Huber
“I’ve seen Trish after 2 shoulder surgeries and now for my knee.  She has been working on moving my body as a whole in order to get me looser everywhere.  She even gets me sweating. I can’t believe how good I feel.  She’s the best PT in the city.”-Ralph Gorham
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“My kneecap pain was so bad I literally had to stop running.  Somehow Trish got me fixed and I was able to even increase my distance!  She truly cares about her patients- we kept in touch throughout my first pregnancy via email and she kept me on track with exercises I could do.  If I have any questions about rehab or fitness, I know she’s just an email away.”-Melissa Vitolano
Runner & mom of 2
“I saw Trish years ago for a muscle strain & now for plantar fasciitis in my foot.  She got me to change my sneakers, taught me how to run with better form and showed me what to do on off-days so that I didn’t have to stop running.  I’ve now lost 37lbs thanks to her.   She is a miracle worker.”-Jessie Betts
Chelsea Piers Field House manager
“I saw Trish after a pretty complicated shoulder surgery.  She knew my doctor’s protocols of when to get out of the sling, when to stretch into pain and when not to.  She got me stronger quickly and even watched my form with all my Crossfit exercises to make sure I wouldn’t re-injure myself. She’s awesome! (And the gym she works in is incredible.)”-Grace Blakely
Crossfit enthusiast
Trish is not your average Physical Therapist by any means. She is a sublty powerful combination of Physical Therapist / Strength Trainer / Body Health Educator all in one. I first went to her after a sub-par Personal Training experience left me with a strained knee and a frustrated psyche as I was trying to get my exercise routine back on track. She had done custom Orthotics for me, and when I figured out I needed to fire my trainer and get a Physical Therapist to address my knee pain, I reached out to her.Unlike other PT’s I had been to in the past, Trish is genuinely interested in figuring out the best treatment for you, your body, and your lifestyle. She does not just provide a generic set of exercises for you to take home and not follow. She gets very invested in your specific injury/situation and assesses your overall approach to health and fitness to tailor a regimen and treatment program that works for you. When I meet with her, it is part workout, part body analysis, part manual therapy, part targeted strengthening, and always productive and fun. She exercises with me and educates me on my body and the reasons for my pain and what she’s doing.She quickly helped me figure out what areas of weakness/overuse were leading to my knee pain, and after working with her on my legs for a few weeks, made an observation about a circulation issue she noticed in my arms. Having had upper body arm issues related to long term repetitive stress and thoracic outlet, I had PT’s in the past that rarely provided much help for really healing my body, and doctors that only giving me surgery as an option. I had actually given up on ever really addressing my arm pain. As I talked through the issues I had gotten used to living with, she said, “When we’ve fixed your knee, we need to work on that”.Fast forward to the present and my knee/foot issues are gone completely, my strengthened core has helped in my balance and overal posture, and we’ve made more progress with my RSI than I ever anticipated. Working consistently with her got me more focused on my overall health again and the casual conversations about exercise and food helped to get me centered on modifying my diet as well. I’ve lost weight, gained strength, flexibility, and best of all, reduced my pain and have healed an injury I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life.I would highly recommend that anyone who is in need of a Physical Therapist that really wants to learn how to heal their body and maintain their health reach out to Trish. Her unique method brings the PT profession to a new level, and she truly cares about your healing for the long term, giving you the information, tools, confidence, and strength that you need to improve and grow stronger.-Stacy Banas
I am new to running but had/have aspirations to one day complete a marathon. In my first year I injured my knee. Never really had a definitive diagnosis but was told I needed to work on flexibility and strengthening my legs and supporting muscle systems. I went to an “In Network” physical therapist who’s great contribution to my recovery was the 10 minutes out of a hour session he spent with me. The other 40 minutes was an assistant attaching some device to me or me performing an exercise on my own. In short, lots of cost & little improvement, all with 10% attention.A friend recommended Trish to me in hopes her unique (in my experience) approach to physical therapy would help were others couldn’t. I found the personal attention and enthusiasm to be refreshing and inspiring. From the first session to the last, Trish gave me 100% of her attention during a session. She provided encouragement, a voice to help you overcome the laziness or the pain and above all guidance. Her approach included real world movements and the use of weight training to develop muscles that were ill prepared for what I wanted of them. She focused on not just getting me back to walking but rather back to where I want to be. I still have a little ways to go before that marathon but now, I am back to running and have developed the power to stand on one leg for over a minute (it’s a super power to me).Would I recommend her? Of course- I have and will continue to do so. Will you improve, yes, if you follow her plan. How many therapist would run a 5 mile race with you, in the cold, to ensure you don’t re-injury yourself?A quick note, the last 15 minutes, the massage, very much worth the struggle at the start of a session.-Wes Donaldson